Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Threatens NFL With Lawsuit If Commissioner Goodell Receives Contract Extension

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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Threatens NFL With Lawsuit If Commissioner Goodell Receives Contract Extension

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is one of the most powerful men in the NFL and is expected to receive a new contract extension with modified compensation from the NFL. The 32 owners of NFL franchises had voted in favour of a contract extension in May 2017. Now an NFL team owner and franchise executive who wish to be anonymous have stated that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has asked the NFL not to extend the Commissioner’s contract.

Jones Prepares For Potential Lawsuit

The Dallas Cowboys is one of the biggest franchises in the NFL and Jones has a lot of power and say in what happens. However he isn’t giving the league any options when it comes to dropping Commissioner Goodell as Jones has hired the services of New York celebrity lawyer David Boies who has represented former Vice President Al Gore, the NFL in 2011 and of late Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Goodell’s contract with the NFL will come to an end after the 2018 season and Jones has apparently told the NFL that if they do roll-out a contract extension, they will be hit with a lawsuit from Boies. There is no clear indication as to what charges that lawsuit will bring but there is speculation that one of the charges could be for the courts to examine the negative impact that the NFL has had to face due to some of the key decisions made by the Commissioner.

Jones Not Happy With Elliot Punishment

Jerry Jones is not happy with a number of decisions that the Commissioner has taken but one of the main ones is certainly the decision to ban Ezekiel Elliot for six games. The Dallas Cowboys player was arrested on charges of domestic violence which he pleaded not guilty to. The prosecutors ended up dropping those charges due to contradicting evidence but the NFL did not let it go and conducted a detailed investigation before deciding to suspend Elliot.

Jones felt that the Commissioner was setting double standard because an earlier case of domestic violence involving Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his video saw him receive a two game suspension only. When video clippings emerged of what Rice did to his fiancé, the NFL and Commissioner Goodell received a lot of flak for being too lenient with Rice. Jones believes this could be one of the reasons why Goodell has decided to swing the other way and be too harsh with Elliot.

There are six NFL owners on the commission committee who have to make a decision on the contract extension. Jones has informed the commission that he is no longer happy to go ahead with the extension and wants the commission to vote against it. A lawyer who has worked with the NFL before states that Jones does not have a strong case and hiring Boies is probably a scare tactic.

The NFL hasn’t responded to these claims and both Jones and Boies did not release any statement to clarify these rumours.

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