President Donald Trump Lashes Out At NBA and NHL Players Over Their Behavior

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President Donald Trump Lashes Out At NBA and NHL Players Over Their Behavior

America is reeling from two catastrophic cyclones that devastated the states of Texas and Florida and is also in a precarious position with North Korea as their president Kim Jong-un has threatened to hit America with a nuclear bomb. President Donald Trump not only has to deal with such critical issues but also has to fight the growing opposition within the country as animosity over his policies and remarks continues to grow.

However President Trump appears to have other things on his mind as he lashed out at NBA and NHL players during the last few days and pulled them up for their behavior. His remarks have not gone down well with the leagues and their players who hit back at President Trump via social media.

Golden State Warriors Invitation Cancelled

Golden State Warriors (GSW) are the current champions and the premier team in the NBA. The White House invited them over but MVP 2016 Stephen Curry was in two minds about going. President Trump did not appreciate the indecisiveness and took to Twitter to state that it should have been an honor for the GSW to visit the White House but because of Curry’s hesitation, that invitation was cancelled.

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner released a statement once the invitation was withdrawn. Commissioner Silver said that he was in favor of the GSW visiting the White House and having the players share their views directly with President Trump and was disappointed to see that it will not be taking place.

Trump Wants NHL Players Fired

Trump also lashed out at the National Hockey League (NHL) during a speech in Alabama. The President said that it was disgrace to see players kneeling down when the National Anthem was being played. He said that NHL owners needed to fire such players for disrespecting their country.

The President was referring to the fact that a number of players have started to kneel during the national anthem as a way of protecting the police violence against African-Americans. Colin Kaepernick who plays as a quarter-back for the San Francisco 49ers was one of the first players to start kneeling during the National Anthem in 2016 and since then a number of other NHL players have done the same thing.

Many NHL players lashed out at President Trump for using derogatory remarks and creating division. Bishop Sankey who plays for the Minnesota Vikings said it is a shame to see the President of the United States calling its citizens ‘sons of bitches’.

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