Controversial Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Expected To Sign NFL Contract In 10 Days

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Controversial Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Expected To Sign NFL Contract In 10 Days

NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers in March and has been a free agent ever since. There have been a number of NFL franchises who have hired quarterbacks since then but Kaepernick has been overlooked repeatedly even though his skills were better than some of those players that were signed.

Kaepernick is definitely one of the most controversial players in the NFL and has been credited for starting the movement of ‘taking a knee’ which has evoked the wrath of President Donald Trump. Hundreds of NFL players have since them followed Kaepernick and have decided to kneel or sit when the National Anthem is played as a sign of protest against police violence towards the black community in America.

Geragos Confident Of New Contract In 10 Days

Kaepernick hired well known lawyer Mark Geragos to file a lawsuit on October 15 which alleged that NFL franchises were deliberately colluding and not signing him because of his beliefs. Geragos recently opened up this week on a podcast and said that he expects his client to be signed within the next 10 days by an NFL franchise because the longer it takes for him to get a contract; it further proves that the NFL has colluded against Kaepernick. Geragos did not confirm which NFL franchises have been in talks with his client.

NBA Coach Steve Kerr Says Kaepernick Being Blackballed

Current NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriorswere invited to visit the White House in September and meet with President Trump but thought twice about accepting the invitation due to the President’s stance on a number of issues. One of those issues that they objected to was Trump wanting NFL franchise owners to sack players who disrespected the National Anthem by taking a knee. President Trump decided to cancel the Warrior’s invitation to the White House because of their hesitation.

Steve Kerr who coaches the Warriors is not a fan of President Trump and believes that NFL owners are blackballing Kaepernick because they don’t want to welcome controversy.Kerr shared his views on the Kaepernickstory during ‘Pod Save America’ podcast and said it was a no-brainer to realize that Kaepernick was being deliberately overlooked by NFL teams because they were concerned that their business could be negatively impacted by the signing.

Kerr said the NBA fan base was very much urban but the NFL fan base was a lot more conservative and as a result, NFL franchise owners did not want to upset their fans who as a majority agree with President Trump’s view.Steve Kerr said that from a General Manager’s point of view, he could understand what was happening because signing Kaepernick would cause a major circus and bring the team a lot of unnecessary publicity. Kerr said that while he understood this point of view, it did not justify not signing Kaepernick as he was better than some of the quarterbacks that have been signed recently.


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