Golden State Warriors And Cleveland Cavaliers Struggling To Find Their Winning Ways This Season

//Golden State Warriors And Cleveland Cavaliers Struggling To Find Their Winning Ways This Season

Golden State Warriors And Cleveland Cavaliers Struggling To Find Their Winning Ways This Season

Many NBA fans believed it was a foregone conclusion that the Golden State Warriors (GSW) And Cleveland Cavaliers would continue their dominance in the NBA this season and would once again clash in the NBA Championship finals. Their assumptions would have been hard to argue with considering the fact that the two NBA franchises had faced each other in the last three consecutive NBA Championship finals. The Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship and GSW won the 2017 NBA Championship.

GSW and Cavaliers Suffer Losses

However both the GSW and the Cavaliers have had a poor start to their NBA season. GSW lost their opening game against the Houston Rockets 122-121 and on Sunday – October 29th lost their second game against the Detroit Pistons 115-107. The Cavaliers have done even worse losing four out of the seven games they played this season.

Their first loss was against Orlando Magic when they went down 114-94, their second loss was to the Brooklyn Nets 112-107 and they lost the very next game to New Orleans 123-101 and their fourth loss came on Sunday when they went down to the New York Knicks 114-95. While hardcore GSW and Cavaliers supporters claim that these surprise losses are nothing but a slow start, one has to wonder if the defeats suffered by GSW and the Cleveland Cavaliers is a sign that their fortunes have changed for the 2017-2018 season.

Losses – Hard To Explain

GSW coach Steve Kerr is not very used to facing the media and explaining why his side performed poorly. Kerr did not mince words for Sunday’s defeat and called his team out for not showing enough energy, discipline and focus. What is more worrying is the fact that Kerr said that he felt his team did not care enough about winning and only showed real initiative during the last six minutes of the game when they realized they could lose to the Pistons.

GSW has some of the best players in the NBA with the likes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Curry shrugged of the defeat on Sunday and said that the GSW was not very far away from regaining their form and getting back to their winning ways.

The Cavaliers have a lot more issues to be addressed than the GSW as the Cavaliers have lost four games and have not looked anywhere as dominant as they are used to being. One of the main reasons for their losses is because they have started poorly and allowed their opponents to score quickly and freely during the first quarter. The Cavaliers defense this season has been hurt by the absence of Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose who have missed games due to injuries.

Their star player LeBron James said he wasn’t worried by the poor start and knows that things will turn around quickly. James said that the fans will have to be patient and realize that the Cavaliers might suffer more defeats as they look to get back to full strength and turn things around.


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