NBA Players Happy With The Proposed Changes Made To The NBA All Star Game Format

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NBA Players Happy With The Proposed Changes Made To The NBA All Star Game Format

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have made a number of changes to the All Star game format for the coming season. The exhibition match which is usually played mid-season generates a lot of interest amongst fans who get to see the top stars in the NBA play together and showcase their skills.

The NBA All Star games during the last few seasons did not really generate the amount of excitement and attention as before and one of the reasons for that is because the games ended up being dunk-fests and had very little defense. The NBA and NBPA decided to change its format in order to spice things up and make it a lot more competitive.

NBA All Star Game Changes

The new NBA All Star game format will have fans vote for the two best players in the league who will then be given the responsibility of being captain. The fans will also have to vote for the top coaches and players in the league who will then be shortlisted based on the total number of votes. The NBA poll will determine an All Star pool of 24 players and the shortlist will not be determined from which conference they come from.            The two NBA All Star captains will then have to pick a total of 12 players for their respective teams. This will also eliminate the format of having the All Star Game in an East vs. West format.

A number of NBA players including Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers welcomed the changes and said that the format would not only mix things up but definitely bring in more excitement for the fans.

Curry And James Could Play Together

Stephen Curry who has been named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MPV) twice during the last three seasons said that these changes will spice things up by bringing together players from both conferences and create team combinations that fans will rarely get to see. The format could bring together Stephen Curry and LeBron James or Kyrie Irving and LeBron James which will make it very interesting for NBA fans to see the team dynamic.

Curry admitted that if he became captain for one of the NBA All Star Teams, his first pick would most likely be one of his Golden State Warrior teammates. He said if he did not choose one of his teammates as the first pick, it would kind of mess things up. He admitted that the new format would make it challenging for the captains and force them to make some tough decisions.

Steve Kerr Not Entirely Happy With Changes

One person who is not entirely happy with the proposed changes is GSW coach Steve Kerr. He wanted the changes to be more comprehensive as he felt it would be difficult for captains not to pick their own teammates.


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