McGregor assembles team to beat Mayweather

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McGregor assembles team to beat Mayweather

With August 26th fast approaching, McGregor this week started to assemble a team that he believes will help him beat the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. While near impossible to find a fighter with all Mayweather’s style and attributes, Conor has brought in 3 experienced boxers hoping to do the job: Ireland’s Tiernan Bradley, Dashon Johnson from the US and Louis Adolphe from the UK.

Tiernan Bradley

At only 20 years old you would be wrong to think Tiernan doesn’t have the experience of an older fighter, (with over 100 amateur wins, and fighting at the highest level for years), Tiernan brings experience and youth that is very hard combination to find. Throw in the fact that he’s Irish which has always been a winning formula for Conor and you can quickly see why Conor has chosen one of the top prospects in amateur boxing and one of Ireland best hopes to win a medal at the 2020 Olympics.

Dashon Johnson

Dashon has experience in both the ring and cage. An experienced boxer with a record of 22-21-3 and MMA record of 9-2, dashing is one of the few fighters on this planet who has had success both in the cage and the ring. Dashon was also one of the fighters Manny Pacquiao brought in when he was preparing to fight Floyd, so Dashon is no stranger to trying to mimic Floyd.

Louis Adolphe

Adolphe is currently an undefeated professional welterweight boxer, who like Tiernan comes with a strong Amateur background. Adolphe who is currently 6-0 turned professional in 2014. He was also the ABA welterweight champion as an amateur.

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