Bottas Beats Vettel in 2017 Austrian GP

//Bottas Beats Vettel in 2017 Austrian GP

Bottas Beats Vettel in 2017 Austrian GP

Valtteri Bottas manages to finish ahead of Vettel by holding onto his pole position while Ricciardo manages to secure the last podium position ahead of Hamilton in the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix.

After an intense qualifying on Saturday where Bottas managed to secure a pole position start, the Mercedes driver held onto his position and finished in first. Sebastian Vettel further increased his lead in the driver championship by taking second place as the race came to an end.

Lewis Hamilton qualifies in 8th position after suffering a five-place penalty due to a gearbox change. The race winner’s teammate couldn’t fight his way past 3rd pace Daniel Ricciardo, giving Lewis a 4th place finish. Vettel’s second place finish still secures a 20-point lead ahead of Hamilton after the Austrian GP.

An action-packed final lap showed Vettel trying to find the perfect opportunity to pass Bottas while Hamilton failed to secure third place as Ricciardo managed to stay on top of the game and secure his 3rd position.

Lewis Hamilton maintains that no changes are required to his approach for the upcoming Silverton race, even though an average performance was delivered on the weekend. The Mercedes driver is gearing up for a race close to home with 20 points behind driver champion Vettel.

Hamilton has also made it clear that he’s still upset that Vettel didn’t suffer any post-race penalties after the Azerbaijan GP where Vettel drove into Hamilton. Hamilton could have finished at the top of the podium on the street of Baku if he wasn’t required to make a pit stop for a loose headrest after the incident. Of course, a five-place penalty wouldn’t have been added to his starting position for the last race as a gearbox change wouldn’t have been needed, meaning he would have started in 3rd for the Austrian GP.

Therefore, the 32-year-old prepares for the Silverton race with a lot to prove but feels no changes to his style are needed as he is already doing everything he needs to. He also stated his team is working hard, and he is pushing them hard, but all he can do is inspire them to do their best for the upcoming race. Hamilton managed the fastest time of the race. Therefore, a 3rd starting position could have changed the race results in many ways.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Boss, also admitted Lewis has constrained over the last two race events and hopes that the worst is now behind the 3-time world champion.

Driver standings before heading into the Silverton GP shows Vettel at the very top with 171 points, followed by Leis Hamilton with 151 points, then Bottas with 136 points, Daniel Ricciardo with 107 points, Kimi Raikkonen with 83 points.

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