Brit Lewis Hamilton Wins Japan F1 Grand Prix And Comes Closer To Winning Fourth F1 Championship

//Brit Lewis Hamilton Wins Japan F1 Grand Prix And Comes Closer To Winning Fourth F1 Championship

Brit Lewis Hamilton Wins Japan F1 Grand Prix And Comes Closer To Winning Fourth F1 Championship

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton is having a phenomenal run in 2017 with Mercedes while his biggest rival Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has had an awful time during the past few months as he has struggled to finish a number of races due to car trouble and crashes. Vettel once again faced problems with his car during the Japan Grand Prix and dropped out after four laps due to spark plus issues.

Hamilton Takes Japan Grand Prix

Hamilton had no such problems and continued to maintain his dominance this season by winning the Japan Grand Prix on Sunday. Unlike Vettel, Hamilton has finished all 16 races in 2017 and has managed to get to the podium on 11 occasions this year. He has been amazingly consistent which has allowed him to beat Vettel on the points table and take a massive lead which brings him very close to securing his fourth F1 Championship.

The 32 year old Hamilton had won F1 championships in 2008, 2014 and 2015 while his rival Vettel has won four F1 championships in 2010,2011, 2012 and 2013. It is interesting to note that Vettel won all four championships when he was with Red Bull Racing and is yet to win an F1 Championship with Ferrari with whom he is contracted with till 2020.

Close To Winning Fourth F1 Championship

Hamilton currently leads the points table with 306 points and Vettel is in second place with 247. Bottas who is with Mercedes is in third place with 234 points. Hamilton needs to win the next race and have a 16 point difference over Vettel for him to secure his fourth F1 championship. The next F1 race will take place at the U.S Grand Prix in Austin, Texas but Hamilton does not want to put himself under any pressure.

The Brit spoke after winning the Japan Grand Prix and said that he was currently happy with the way he and Team Mercedes was performing and will not be making any changes for the U.S. Grand Prix. Hamilton stated that while it was important for him to secure as many points as he possible could during the next race, he wasn’t about to take any unnecessary risks and or mess with his car.

Hamilton has massive F1 experience and so does Vettle, which is why he is not assuming that he will be the F1 champion. He downplayed his chances of securing his fourth F1 championship and stated that there was still quite a few F1 races left this season and 100 points up to be won. After the U.S Grand Prix, the next one will be in Mexico City at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez .

A lot of F1 drivers have problems in Mexico due to the high altitude and Team Mercedes is not one of the favorites for Mexico. However Hamilton is not thinking about Mexico for now and is just focused on the U.S Grand Prix.


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