Fernando Alonso Vows a Win While Valtteri Possibly Out of Contract for 2018

//Fernando Alonso Vows a Win While Valtteri Possibly Out of Contract for 2018

Fernando Alonso Vows a Win While Valtteri Possibly Out of Contract for 2018

Professional F1 driver Fernando Alonso has made it clear he’ll be in for the win in next season’s F1 championship, even though he’s currently not agreed to any contracts with any teams for the 2018 season.

The Spanish driver admits his only target is to secure a race-winning seat for the next season, especially after the disappointment and frustration of the unfortunate McLaren-Honda development. Alonso is expected to only make a decision on his future after a summer holiday, giving the professional the opportunity to clear his mind and consider opportunities for a win next season.

The two-time world champion has added that he will be waiting for make up his mind about his 2018 future, but he assures that the next season he is set for a win and that next year will be a happy year.

Alonso made a move from Ferrari in 2014 to join the reformed alliance of Honda and McLaren, expecting them to emerge as bona fide challengers for Mercedes. However, as clearly demonstrated, these goals have not been reached whatsoever.

Alonso doubts the result of the last few seasons would hurt his reputation, but it has had an effect on his career and happiness. However, this has stopped the former world champ to remain positive and aim for a win in 2018.

In recent events, Red Bull have already ruled out the possibility of Fernando joining their team for the 2018 season as Horner has already ensured Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen will definitely remain part of the Red Bull team for at least 2018.

Alonso remains open minded about opportunities but has said he’s not interested in a gamble for his victory goals. The last win he’s achieved was in 2013, which has motivated the race driver to move on to new opportunities and secure his win for 2018.

Mercedes Not Rushed to Offers Valtteri Bottas a New Contract

Bottas arrived at the beginning of 2017 at Brackley with a seat option only for 2017, meaning the driver out of contract for 2018 and Mercedes haven’t agreed to a renewal just yet as the team first wants to further assess the driver’s form and consider their long-term options.

Valtteri has managed to impress with his pole position finishes and the third position in the drivers Championship with only 28 points behind Hamilton, his current teammate.

Toto Wolff has been pleased with Valtteri’s performance and said the driver has been doing a good job, but also added that Mercedes needs to consider future opportunities before offering an extended deal for the driver.

The team has not ruled Valtteri out, but simply need to make up their minds regarding future moves before making any rushed decisions.

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