Las Vegas Golden Knights Change Plans For Season Home Opener After Mandalay Bay Shooting

//Las Vegas Golden Knights Change Plans For Season Home Opener After Mandalay Bay Shooting

Las Vegas Golden Knights Change Plans For Season Home Opener After Mandalay Bay Shooting

Las Vegas Golden Knights is one of the new NHL franchises that was looking to start its home season in celebratory Las Vegas fashion as the 31st NHL franchise prepares for two home games this week. The Golden Knights will play the Arizona Coyotes on Tuesday and will then prepare for the Detroit Red Wings on Friday.

Golden Knights Postpone Opening Celebration

The Golden Knights have already had a good start, winning their first two games and had plans to have a grand opening ceremony on Tuesday at the Golden Knights’ T-Mobile Arena. The Golden Knights had planned a number of entertaining performances and a lot of fan interaction and surprises to welcome the NHL to Las Vegas.

However those plans have now been changed due to the tragic shooting that took place on October 1 when 64 year Stephen Paddock opened fire from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay and shot into a crowd of over 22,000 people who were attending a country music festival on the Strip. The damage was immense as 58 people lost their lives and over 500 were injured.

The Golden Knights’ T-Mobile Arena is not too far away from the Mandalay Bay and the Golden Knights want to pay tribute to those who lost their lives as well as the police and first responders who risked their lives to save others. The franchise has decided to remember and honor the victims and families who suffered during the shooting on Tuesday and postpone its opening celebration to Friday.

Golden Knights Honor Las Vegas Victims

George McPhee, the general manager of the Las Vegas Golden Knights has confirmed that his staff is working tirelessly to put together an opening event that will show respect and seek to provide strength to the city of Las Vegas which is still hurting and recovering from the worst shooting on American soil. McPhee said that the Golden Knights were a small hockey franchise but they would still strive to do their best to support the great city of Las Vegas and the team will do their best to win on Tuesday and give the community something to celebrate.

The Golden Knights played their first NHL game in history when they took on the Dallas Stars on October 6. Before the game could commence, both franchises stood during the national anthem and had #VegasStrong stickers on their helmets to show their support to the city of Las Vegas. The NHL also put together a tribute video where NHL players from different franchises spoke out and threw their support behind Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is yet to return to normal after the shooting but the city is making strides towards doing just that. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) did not cancel its UFC216 event which took place on Saturday. The UFC also showed its support by having its fighters and ring girls wear #VegasStrong t-shirts and also invited 1,500 first responders to the event as a show of respect.


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